Tame Impala, Trip of a Video

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Clamp those headphones tight over thine ears!

Tame Impala, from Australia, are a psychedelic force to be reckoned with.  They’ve toured with a few acts including the likes of the Black Keys, Yeasayer and MGMT.  With a bluesy and gritty garage-rock sound, they are here to warp faces.  Their debut LP, Innerspeaker (Modular Recordings) came out last May but I’m gonna throw this song from their first EP at ya cause the video is a trip.  Enjoy.


Empire of the Sun

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Australian duo in outrageous costumes for live show.

I just had to share these guys.  Empire of the Sun is a pop/electronic explosion of sound featuring Luke Steele of The Sleepy Jackson and Nick Littlemore of Pnau.  They got that homoerotic dance club music down pat, kind of like Erasure meets Depeche Mode and for some reason its catchy.  Their debut album, aptly titled Walking on a Dream from 2008, features their first single by the same name and it is quite a feet shuffling jam.  Believe or not they’ve toured with Lady Sovereign and La Roux and played Lollapalooza last year.  If MGMT was a disco band and went back to the 70s from whence they came, this would be them.  Their live show looks ridiculously wonderful as well.  Just see for yourselves…

GuineaFowl Is Coming!

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In just under a week…
GuineaFowl, from Australia, will be releasing their debut EP, Hello Anxiety and they are currently offering a free download of their song “Botanist” at their MySpace.  We featured their song “In Our Circles” back in December and ever since then I have been gearing up for this EP.  I have my doubts about the longevity of this indie rock scene but GuineaFowl’s frontman, by the same, has my ear because of his cool soft croon.  This song makes me wish Summer would get here already.

Guineafowl Debut EP in February

December 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

If David Bowie was born in 1985…

he might have been overlooked and lost among the millions of independent artists on MySpace and ReverbNation and we never would have had the most amazing sounds of glam-rock grace our ears.  Someone like Brian Eno would have had to fill the void and I for one would have felt like something was missing, but if you’re wondering what alternate-future Bowie would’ve sounded like, look no further than Guineafowl from Sydney, Australia.  The lead singer, whom the band is named after, croons in a gaunt, hollow voice like the glam-god himself.  Their song “In Our Circles” is featured at Record of the Day and it’s off their debut EP coming out in February.  Go give it a listen, it’s the freakiest show.

The Australian Trap

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Australia puts out some good music, why not post two bands from that great country in one day. The Temper Trap are a four piece, atmospheric rock band that received a lot of their early recognition by playing shows around the London area including the 2009 Reading/Leeds Festival. This song “Drum Song” makes me feel like I should be donning tribal war paint and getting ready for an epic battle. The song is from their 2009 release Conditions.
Drum Song by The Temper Trap by infectiousmusicuk

Try And Not Dance Too Hard To This One

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Art vs Science is an electronic trio from Australia and the most amazing thing about them is that they do all their live shows…completely live. May seem kinda obvious to some people to actually play your instruments when you’re performing but when the music scenes are becoming a sea of DJs and pre-programmed beats, groups like AVS are the sharks that are ripping to pieces all the laptops and loop software. As if that’s not enough, their music’s really good too! Check out this video for their song “Magic Fountain.” I dare you to stay in your seat.

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