South African Indie: Gregory Alan Isakov

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Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Gregory Alan Isakov is an indie folk artist based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. His songs are full of folk instruments mirroring those used by the popular band of the same genre, Mumford & Sons, but his lyricism is what really puts him over the top. Artists Isakov is most closely compared to include Damien Rice, Leonard Cohen, and the aforementioned Mumford & Sons. His most recent album titled This Empty Northern Hemisphere was released in 2009. Check out a few of my favorites from it below and if you like them, get the whole album here.

“Evelyn” – Gregory Alan Isakov

“Dandelion Wine” – Gregory Alan Isakov


Monday Warming: Nick 13

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Everyone should know the psychobilly rockers, Tiger Army, led by lead singer Nick 13.  If you don’t, they sound something like this:

Well now Nick 13 is finally embarking on his long-time-coming solo record which will feature songs more in the vein of such Tiger Army melodies as “In The Orchard” and “Outlaw Heart.”  Basically it’s going to be a little more country/slide guitar/Elvis sounding rather than rockabilly/punk rock.  On the album will also be two new versions of past songs: “In The Orchard” and “Cupid’s Victim.”  The album comes out on June 7th and Nick will be touring alongside Merle Haggard and Ray Price to do some West Coast dates and one in Indianapolis…hopefully more to come.


01. Nashville Winter
02. Carry My Body Down
03. 101
04. All Alone
05. Restless Moon
06. In The Orchard (2011)
07. Someday
08. Cupid’s Victim (2011)
09. Nighttime Sky
10. Gambler’s Life

Listen to “Carry My Body Down” from the upcoming album:

Music Made Worlds Apart – Early To Bed

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We all know that thanks to the internet and the sudden ease of home recording, more and more people are making their own music and getting it out there but the greatest use of this technology, I think, is when musicians can come together from across the world, never meet face-to-face and still make heart wrenching music together.  Early To Bed is Meagan Day (from the US) and Henry Toft (from Denmark) and they have never met in person.  They make their music by sending each other mixes of songs and recording different parts on their own time.  Talk about world music.

In keeping with the duo’s internet-based relationship, they released their first single through the online label, EardrumsPop.  You can download the entire 3 track single below which includes a cover of Virgil Shepard Walters’ “Pair of Bonnie and Clydes” or just listen to it. I recommend “Weathervane” cause it’s a piece of electronic-folk that is sure to lull you into a calming space.

Download the Single

Monday Warming: James V. McMorrow

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It’s quite the rainy day in these parts, figured I could share a rainy song for you. Ireland’s James McMorrow released his debut ‘Early in the Morning’ back in Feb. 2010, but for some reason is just now really picking up some steam. The best way I’ve heard him described is “Ireland’s Bon Iver” and this comparison will be instantly recognized after today’s warming track. Not sure when his next album is due, but ‘Early in the Morning’ might be the perfect album for you on this dreary Monday morning. Stream/buy here

Three Songs from Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes

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A few days ago Robin Pecknold, frontman of the band Fleet Foxes, recorded three acoustic jams in LA.  The three-song release is cleverly titled Three Songs, and one of the recordings titled “I’m Losing Myself” is a duet with Ed Droste, who happens to be a member of the band Grizzly Bear. If you don’t want to listen to all three songs, I highly suggest you at least check out this one. It has some really compelling lyrics and the harmonies created by Pecknold and Droste will make you forget about everything going on around you. Pecknold wrote on the Fleet Foxes Twitter page “These aren’t Fleet Foxes songs, but I didn’t know where else to disseminate it.  Pretty mellow jams.”  Indeed Mr. Pecknold, I would definitely classify these songs as some pretty mellow jams. Check out all three below and see if you agree.

New Fleet Foxes Song / Album

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It’s Coming
After 2008’s success of their self titled album, The Fleet Foxes have high expectations on their upcoming Helplessness Blues, due out May 3 on Sub Pop. But for now, luckily I stopped by INDIEBLOGHEAVEN to see their first released single form the upcoming album. If this song is any indication of how good this next album should be, then I’m ready for May to get here.
Check it out

Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues by subpop

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