Remix Wednesday: Mr. Pauer

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

A salsa take on the sounds of the 80s

Tito Gonzalez (aka Mr. Pauer) is a Miami based DJ who released his debut album Soundtrack last month.  He grew up around Spanish rock music and Venezuelan tunes which explains why he began to see the connections between popular songs and the salsa beat.  Listen on this Gorillaz track how he just adds a simple beat over the song and it changes the feel completely:

…and then on this Cure track he gets a little crazier:


Gorillaz Drop Christmas iPad Album

January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the month of December, hip-hop/indie/electronica group Gorillaz leaked a number of gifts to fans in the form of an advent calendar that ended in a brand new album, released on Christmas Day. The album is nothing too special, but there are some pretty amazing new sounds on there and most interesting of all, it was created entirely on an iPad during the group’s fall tour. I for one am resisting the desire for yet another Apple craze but you can’t deny that you can make some pretty amazing art using it, as the Gorillaz have proven. I do believe there was some post-production done on the album that was in-studio but Damon Albarn said he wanted the album released as quickly as possible after the tour to keep the illusion of using only the iPad to create the songs. You can visit here to see a list of all the applications used by the band.  It’s certainly not the most stellar Gorillaz album, but it’s a nice little treat til the next full length.

Go listen to: ‘Phoner to Arizona’ which includes a link to the other 14 tracks

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