Rising Artist: TM Juke

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British artist Alex Cowan, or TM Juke, is quickly creating a name for himself in the music world. His passion for hip hop combined with his sampling skills and classical/jazz guitar roots give him an extremely unique sound. His label’s website calls him “a prodigious songwriter and arranger, a broadminded and captivating DJ and an exceptionally talented producer.” I couldn’t have said it better. His debut album Maps From The Wilderness was released back in 2003, but it is better than any hip hop album I have heard in the past few years. The first time I listened to it, I never once thought “eh, I’ll just skip to the next song.” Check out a few tracks below and get the whole album here.

“Playground Games (feat. Alice Russell)” – TM Juke

“Get It Together (feat. Bread & Water) – TM Juke


The French Invasion

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I recently watched a French movie called OSS 117 – Lost in Rio, and it was funnier than any movie I have seen in a while. A few hours later, my good friend Mack told me about a French hip hop producer named Wax Tailor. His real name is Jean-Christophe Le Saoût and he released his first full-length album titled Tales of the Forgotten Melodies in 2005. Using samples from various classic movies, Le Saoût makes some masterful beats that have a sort of heavy feel to them. It makes sense though considering his mentor is RJD2. Check out a couple of my favorite songs from the album below and if you want, you can buy the whole album here.

“Que Sera” – Wax Tailor

“Ungodly Fruit” – Wax Tailor

From Russia With Love; DJ Vadim

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Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, DJ Vadim started his career in 1995 by releasing a couple of EPs, and since then he has started two different labels called Jazz Fudge and Organically Grown Sounds; been nominated for a Latin Grammy award for his work with the band 7 Notas 7 Colores; worked as producer for the band The Electric; released numerous solo works; and has played with the likes of Atmosphere, Wu-Tang Clan, STS9, Stevie Wonder, The Roots, Prince, and more. He released an album in 2007 titled Sound Catcher that received a 4-star rating from allmusic.com. The entire album is pretty solid, but I’m going to break down my three favorite songs.

As soon as this song starts, you know something is about to go down. The beat drops and Vadim bombards you with a bumpin beat and some great rhyming courtesy of Big Red. He gets his fill of rapping and then the sultry sounds of Katherin DeBoer come in.

Talk about a chill song. This one reminds me of some old school Snoop. I feel like I should be sippin’ on something. Anyways, this is one to just zone out to and do some work to.

This one’s beat steals the show for me. It’s mostly just a hip-hop beat, but Vadim puts a nice, subtle electronic twist on it. Reminds me of something Q-Tip would make today. If the Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip comparisons tell you anything, I think DJ Vadim is definitely worth checking out.

Flying Lotus and His Bumper Music

February 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

You know when you’re listening to the radio and a promotion comes on for the station itself, or the same for tv when they self-advertise their channel, and there’s some random music playing in the background. How many of you knew that was called the bumper music?  Well I didn’t, and not only that but I have been trying to find who does the music for the Adult Swim bumps, and turns out it’s none other than the stellar hip-hop/jazz genius, Flying Lotus.  Like this gem here.  If you’re an avid Adult Swim viewer I’m sure you’ve heard that one before.  Not a bad gig at all.

Gorillaz Drop Christmas iPad Album

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For the month of December, hip-hop/indie/electronica group Gorillaz leaked a number of gifts to fans in the form of an advent calendar that ended in a brand new album, released on Christmas Day. The album is nothing too special, but there are some pretty amazing new sounds on there and most interesting of all, it was created entirely on an iPad during the group’s fall tour. I for one am resisting the desire for yet another Apple craze but you can’t deny that you can make some pretty amazing art using it, as the Gorillaz have proven. I do believe there was some post-production done on the album that was in-studio but Damon Albarn said he wanted the album released as quickly as possible after the tour to keep the illusion of using only the iPad to create the songs. You can visit here to see a list of all the applications used by the band.  It’s certainly not the most stellar Gorillaz album, but it’s a nice little treat til the next full length.

Go listen to: ‘Phoner to Arizona’ which includes a link to the other 14 tracks

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