Remix Wednesday: Fleet Foxes – The Shrine (Hannes Fischer Remix)

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Fleet Foxes like you’ve never heard them before.

The Fleet Foxes are hot right now, coming off their killer release “Helplessness Blues” on May 3rd, so I figured I would use Remix Wednesday to mention them. This track has a very house feel, but still manages to capture Robin Pecknold’s dreamy voice and make it into something upbeat. Probably a great track to drive to, but it’ll do for a Wednesday pick me up.


Oh The Realness, Nickodemus!

February 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Owning a label and doing mixes for Thievery Corporation
are just a handful of the things Brooklyn based DJ, Nickodemus, has his scratchin’ fingers on these days.

He’s been involved in the New York dance scene as a DJ for about ten years now, utilizing tons of genres in his music including house, hip-hop, jazz, funk and dub. He has two albums right now including Sun People and Endangered Species that were both released on his label, Wonderwheel Recordings.  These two tracks below give you a flavor of how widespread his music is.  The first is kind of house-esque with a real beat you can dance too.  The second is a downtempo trip-hop groove.  Both are very tasty.
“Free Souls” by Nickodemus & Osiris by AtlanticWestStudios
Cleopatra in New York-Nickodemus. by Maurício Georgevitch

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