Monday Warming: Two New Arcade Fire Tracks

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Good news

Arcade Fire has decided to re-release a deluxe edition of The Suburbs, with two new tracks. Below I have for you the two new tracks.
“Culture War” and a collaboration with David Byrne titled “Speaking in Tongues”

What better way to help your Monday

Culture War by Arcade Fire

Speaking in Tongues by Arcade Fire


South African Indie: Gregory Alan Isakov

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Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Gregory Alan Isakov is an indie folk artist based in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. His songs are full of folk instruments mirroring those used by the popular band of the same genre, Mumford & Sons, but his lyricism is what really puts him over the top. Artists Isakov is most closely compared to include Damien Rice, Leonard Cohen, and the aforementioned Mumford & Sons. His most recent album titled This Empty Northern Hemisphere was released in 2009. Check out a few of my favorites from it below and if you like them, get the whole album here.

“Evelyn” – Gregory Alan Isakov

“Dandelion Wine” – Gregory Alan Isakov

Herman Dune – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

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So this is old, but I stumbled across it on Funny or Die this morning and couldn’t resist sharing with you guys. The song is obviously a good one, but the strangeness of the video is itself worthy of a post. Herman Dune is a strange cat anyways (check out “I wish that I could see you soon” but then you throw in Mad Men’s Jon Hamm befriending a cute little yeti and all sorts of strange happens. I can’t decide if this is funny or heart warming.
You decide

Monday Warming: Fleet Foxes

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We just can’t get enough

Obviously we’re fans of the Fleet Foxes here at Gypsysphere, so I figured I would give you another taste of a track off the newly released Hopelessness Blues. On this track “Montezuma,” Robin Pecknold has moved away from his landscape imagery and into a more introspective position by questioning his past and mortality and the rest of the album follows suit. This new record finds Fleet Foxes exploring more complex song structures and guitar lines but always with those amazing vocal harmonies.

Enjoy: “Montezuma”

New Songs From Beirut

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One of our favorite ‘indie meets world’ groups out there (and loved by the indie press) Beirut are currently wrapping on a new album…their first since 2007 ‘The Flying Club Cup’. These guys are a lot like A Hawk and A Hacksaw” but lead singer Zach Condon’s voice is too beautiful to overlook. They apparently are debuting some of these new tracks on a current tour. Check out the two new ones below and be glad Beirut is Back!

Remix Wednesday: Fleet Foxes – The Shrine (Hannes Fischer Remix)

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The Fleet Foxes like you’ve never heard them before.

The Fleet Foxes are hot right now, coming off their killer release “Helplessness Blues” on May 3rd, so I figured I would use Remix Wednesday to mention them. This track has a very house feel, but still manages to capture Robin Pecknold’s dreamy voice and make it into something upbeat. Probably a great track to drive to, but it’ll do for a Wednesday pick me up.

Discover BRAIDS

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That’s an order!

Okay not really, but seriously entertain the idea of checking them out because I saw them live last week opening for Toro y Moi and they were dynamite. They used some of the strangest vocal effects my ears have ever experienced. They sounded like synthesizers wailing over the droning guitar but really it was the soft chants of two out of the four members in this Montreal-based band. The songs are very atmospheric with bursts of powerful anthems that have singer, Raphaelle Standell-Preston, belting her little voice as hard as it will go all while picking out some pretty intricate guitar lines. Check out their song ‘Lemonade’ below off of their debut LP, Native Speaker.

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