Notable Openers: Painted Palms

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last week I was down in Rock n’ Roll birthplace, Memphis, TN and after a quick tour through the recording studio where Elvis Presley got his start we went to see of Montreal at Minglewood (which by the way is a fantastic venue with an intimate setting and I highly suggest seeing anyone there, if possible). The opening band was a group called Painted Palms, a 5-piece from Louisiana. The creative minds behind the music are actually just two guys, cousins in fact, Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme and they have crafted some very interesting sounds on their debut EP Canopy, physically released June 21st.

The band was handpicked by Kevin Barnes, singer from of Montreal, according to the band’s label, Secretly Canadian, and it’s with good reason. The visuals and light show during their set were a trip and the singer used an immense amount of echo on his voice but it was done so skillfully that it sounded like an indie-boy choir chanting over heavy bass and synth-pop. This band is definitely worth checking out. Here’s a sampling of the upcoming EP:

“All Of Us”

“Falling Asleep”


Of Montreal: New EP Culled From ‘False Priest’ Sessions

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Furthering the proof that Kevin Barnes is not from this planet.

Every of Montreal record delves deeper and deeper into the consciousness of lead singer, Kevin Barnes’ as he expresses his feelings towards life, relationships and drugs through weirder and more bizarre imagery.  And there was nothing different with their latest release, False Priest, which took a poppier and funkier trip through the confines of Barnes’ mind.  Now, almost a year after Priest‘s release, it has been announced that of Montreal will release a 5 song EP that features cuts from the FP sessions, but believe me, so far it sounds like they will be a completely different (and scarier) monster.

The EP is called thecontrollersphere and will be released 4/26 on Polyvinyl.  Take a listen to the first track off of the EP, called “Black Lion Massacre” and read Barnes’ otherworldly and delirious press release below.


“Here’s your folk record, I hope you like that I’ve carried on the tradition of such folk luminaries as Abu Bakr Khairat, Benny Moré and Nawal Al Zoghbi. These songs were written in Sunlandia, that’s where most of the folk songs are written now a days, and they were recorded up there, as well as in LA with Jon Brion, with no small contribution from Matt Chamberlain (drum du lum and yerba matte enthusiast) and K Ishibashi (my most modern classical friend). It is my hope that you can tolerate listening to this short EP in one sitting and appreciate it like a fine dining experience. Furthermore, the force that threw the green fuse anointed this protest album. It is a protest statement against the pneuma possessive. In fact this album is the voice of a desirous spirit that is aware of its positive zero chance of fulfillment or salvation or respite. There are many noisy moments that represent my attempt to communicate, in a sub human language, all that cannot be expressed with our earth tongue and all manners of mouth mechanisms. This little EP is a freak out record, have you ever seen anyone dancing to folk music? Well, like my fellow folk singing brother Bob Dylan once said, ‘I’d dance with you Maria, but my hands are on fire.’ Though, in this case, the world is roughly one year from extinction…or not.”

Kevin Barnes


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