SXSW Picks: NPR vs. Paste

March 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

With SXSW fast approaching, everyone is putting out their lists of “must-see” bands or “who-to-check-out” picks.  Honestly it’s great when all these unheard of acts get some recognition before a festival.  My favorite part about festivals is checking out artists that I’ve never heard of or at least have never listened to.  What better way to learn about new music and expose yourself to new genres.  Although these lists are great ways to figure out who you wanna check out, they all differ in opinions and genres.

Looking specifically at NPR’s “SXSW 2011 Preview” and Paste’s “20 SXSW Bands You Might Not Know (But Should)” you can really see the different focuses that each outlet takes.  NPR’s picks seem to be a little more eclectic rather than Paste’s strictly ‘portrait of a hipster’ choices.  There is little, if any, overlap on the two lists.  NPR’s top 3 bands include:

AgesandAges – a soulful, almost gospel, chanting bluesy-indie band complete with claps and group vocals

Fang Island – the first punch-packing indie band that I think is worthy of arena status.  Feel good gang vocals, heavy drum fills, dueling guitar lines that turn this summer-esque jam into a hard-rock anthem. This is my fav

Guadalupe Platariddled with blues riffs and slide guitar lines, this duo are gonna make the sun beat down even harder at SXSW

Here’s Paste’s top 3 picks:

Suuns – electronic loop-based and quiet guitar riffs, each song builds and builds to a claustrophobic space.  Singer sounds like he’s biting his cheeks while he’s singing

OFF! – hardcore punk revival, in your face lyrics with a gritty frontman.  Reminds me of Black Flag

Grandchildren – fast acoustic guitars, folkie style rhythms, atmospheric vocals that sound like they’re calling from beyond the mountains, this is my fav


Paste Magazine’s 50 Best Songs

December 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

So I know we did our ‘End of the Year Lists Breakdown’ last week, but Paste just released their ’50 Best Songs of 2010′ and I wanted to share because they actually posted a streaming track with every song, unlike most lists I have seen. The convenience of this is wonderful. Instead of googling a song/group you don’t know, it’s right there! Way to go Paste

Check out Paste’s list here

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