New Radiohead! “Supercollider” and “The Butcher”

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Although Radiohead made it clear there wouldn’t be a follow up to their latest album King of Lambs, of course they surprised us fans by releasing two more tracks as part of Record Store Day, which were recorded during those sessions. The following songs titled “Supercollider” & “The Butcher” are a lot more on par with with most of what Radiohead fans are looking for.


“The Butcher”


Remix Wednesday: Radiohead – Lotus Flower (bhts rmx)

March 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

In honor of The King of Limbs seeing its official release yesterday, here’s a remix of the first single off of it done by Brainbheats.  What I like most most about this mix is that he kept the same rhythmic feel of the original song, with the hand claps and bass hitting at the odd offbeat time.  Brainbheats has been touring around the world for years, making quite a name for himself and playing with such artists as !!! (chkchkchk) and Chiddy Bang.  He describes his influences as ranging from “the drum and bass mayhem of Aphex Twin” to the “exotic textures of Bjork.”  Check out his site for some other great mixes.

Extra Extra, The Radiohead Newspaper

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With their latest release, The King of Limbs, Radiohead have ventured into the print market by releasing an issue of their own newspaper called The Universal Sigh.  The paper will be given out for free today and tomorrow in a select number of locations.  The paper contains a grab bag of  goodies including poetry, art and lyrics.

New Radiohead Album (Video) Out Today!

February 18, 2011 § 1 Comment

Staying with the Radiohead philosophy of not sticking to the plan…
This morning they decided to release their digital version of “King of Limbs” a day early. Go buy it now:

Here’s the first video

Monday Warming: New Radiohead Album!

February 14, 2011 § 1 Comment

It’s Finally Coming
Since 2007’s release of ‘In Rainbows’, one of the greatest bands in the world has delayed the release of their 8th full-length album again and again. But today it has been announced, “The King of Limbs” will be available for purchase and download this Saturday on their website. So how do you top a ground breaking ‘pay what you want’ album on the last one? Release something called “the world’s first newspaper album”. This will include 10-inch vinyl records, a CD, 600+ pieces of artwork, and a digital download (for a total of $48.00). No worries, for the average fan you can purchase the MP3 download only for a measly $9.00. How genius can a band get?

In honor of this wonderful news, I am combining one of my favorite, rare Radiohead tracks with our Mondway Warming section. This is the live version of “Like Spinning Plates” off of 2001’s Amnesiac
One of the prettiest Radiohead songs out there

SPIN’S 30 Must-Hear Albums of 2011

January 20, 2011 § 2 Comments

This is the most exciting article I’ve read this month.  Spin posted a review of 30 albums that are coming out in 2011 and most include some sort of preview…I’m on the edge of my seat for this new music.

Some highlights…

The Strokes – Angels:  Seems like it’s gonna be some classic garage-rock with some new atmospheric sounds thrown in, but will of course be riddled with those dueling guitar lines that resemble video game sounds in only a way that the Strokes can do.

Fleet Foxes: Hopefully we’ll see a release in May as long as Robin Pecknold doesn’t have another change of heart about his songs, but I’m excited for this one regardless.

Radiohead: Seems like they’re taking a while on this one, but you know it’s gonna be a good year if we get a new Radiohead album.  Wonder what marketing ploy they’ll try this time?

Red Hot Chili Peppers: – Really!? Can it be?  They are sans John Frusciante but yes they are returning with a promise of new Afro-Beat influenced rhythms and some songs written by the infamous Flea, this album should definitely be entertaining.

Patrick Stump – Soul Punk:  Gotta say Fall Out Boy has always been a guilty pleasure and I’ve been pretty excited for the frontman’s solo project, but on the little taste that Spin provides I gotta say I’m less than surprised at the pop-factory he has created.  He released two versions of his song “Spotlight” and is asking fans to choose which one they prefer.  They both sound like “Cameras” meets “Fireworks” to me but we’ll see what else he has to offer.

Some other notables: Blink-182, Deathcab, Wilco, Outkast, Lady Gaga, Kanye/Jay-Z Collab.

Keep your ears peeled, in the next few months…

…and thanks to SPIN for all the linkage.

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