Monday Wobbling (Warming): Willy Whompa

June 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Dubstep Disclaimer:  I get pretty tired of the overuse of that wobbly bass that has polluted every dubstep artist’s tracks.  I’m especially confused about how that sound is always considered bass because most of the time its hitting pretty hard on the mids.  But regardless of all that, I can appreciate when that wobbly sound is used skillyfully like here with Willy Whompa (aka Mike Shupe)’s mixes.


Remix Wednesday: Fleet Foxes – The Shrine (Hannes Fischer Remix)

May 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

The Fleet Foxes like you’ve never heard them before.

The Fleet Foxes are hot right now, coming off their killer release “Helplessness Blues” on May 3rd, so I figured I would use Remix Wednesday to mention them. This track has a very house feel, but still manages to capture Robin Pecknold’s dreamy voice and make it into something upbeat. Probably a great track to drive to, but it’ll do for a Wednesday pick me up.

Remix Wednesday: James Vincent McMorrow – We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

April 6, 2011 § 2 Comments

How fitting is it that our Remix Wednesday features the same artist as this week’s Monday Warming? Adventure Club is a newly formed (early 2011) dubstep duo from Montréal with plans to release a new EP soon. I never thought James V. McMorrow’s dreamy voice could fit into a dubstep remix so well.

Check out their soundcloud here.

Stream “We Don’t Eat” Remix:

Remix Wednesday: Caribou – Jamelia (Gold Panda Remix)

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Gold Panda blew up on the remix scene last year and I’m not sure what it is about this song, but I’ve been listening to it over and over today. Might be the choppy violin, or just the funky, video game sound but I’m curious to hear what others think. Could just be me getting excited for the weekend.
Let me know in the comments

Remix Wednesday; Band of Horses – The Funeral (Butch Clancy Remix)

March 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here’s another fresh remix to get you through those last few hours of the day. Released on Monday, never thought I would hear a Band of Horses song remixed, but remixes tend to always prove me wrong. The track begins like the regular ‘Funeral’ then gradually brings in the dubstep. Not a huge drop and not bass heavy, but the melody Butch imposes is quite touching. O yea, and he’s from Detroit. They need all the love they can get right now. Check out more of his tunes here

From Russia With Love; DJ Vadim

February 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, DJ Vadim started his career in 1995 by releasing a couple of EPs, and since then he has started two different labels called Jazz Fudge and Organically Grown Sounds; been nominated for a Latin Grammy award for his work with the band 7 Notas 7 Colores; worked as producer for the band The Electric; released numerous solo works; and has played with the likes of Atmosphere, Wu-Tang Clan, STS9, Stevie Wonder, The Roots, Prince, and more. He released an album in 2007 titled Sound Catcher that received a 4-star rating from The entire album is pretty solid, but I’m going to break down my three favorite songs.

As soon as this song starts, you know something is about to go down. The beat drops and Vadim bombards you with a bumpin beat and some great rhyming courtesy of Big Red. He gets his fill of rapping and then the sultry sounds of Katherin DeBoer come in.

Talk about a chill song. This one reminds me of some old school Snoop. I feel like I should be sippin’ on something. Anyways, this is one to just zone out to and do some work to.

This one’s beat steals the show for me. It’s mostly just a hip-hop beat, but Vadim puts a nice, subtle electronic twist on it. Reminds me of something Q-Tip would make today. If the Snoop Dogg and Q-Tip comparisons tell you anything, I think DJ Vadim is definitely worth checking out.

Remix Wednesday: Yeasayer – I Remember (Villa Remix)

February 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yeasayer Deserves More Credit
I don’t know why it is, but in the general population, most people know about Yeasayer but have never listened. I’ve been on a Yeasayer kick recently and was glad to come across this remix of one of my favorite tracks of theirs “I Remember.” Even though these guys aren’t great live (they rarely even perform this song) they are killer in the studio and I am anxiously awaiting their next album. This remix isn’t top notch, but does have it’s high points. Villa is a DJ out of Belgium and has a few decent tracks on his soundcloud
Any thoughts?

Yeasayer – I Remember (VILLA remix) by VILLA Soundcloud

And speaking of Yeasayer, try to get this song (or video) out of your head the rest of the day.

YEASAYER “O.N.E.” from Paranoid US on Vimeo.

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