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Taken from Tinariwen’s Myspace:

In 1980, Colonel Ghadaffi put out a decree inviting all young Touareg men, who were living illegally in Libya, to receive a full military training in the southern desert. Time spent in this military training and later with the Touareg rebel movement, the MPA, introduced the group to more aspiring musicians. Forming a collective, they built their own make-shift rehearsal studio, with a mission to write songs about the aspirations of the Touareg for political freedom, and then to record these songs without payment for whoever turned up at their door with an empty cassette. It was a propaganda machine for a people without any other forms of media whatsoever. The cassettes were taken back to camps and villages throughout the Sahara, and then copied again and again.
Ibrahim, Inteyeden, Japonais, Diarra, Hassan and their friends never saw themselves as one-dimensional propagandists however. They were musicians and poets. Their songs spoke of deep personal struggles and of their love of their desert home, as much as they raised the flag for the rebel movement. In 1989, frustrated by the lack of progress and by broken promises, the members of Tinariwen escaped from the Libyan camp and headed south into Mali. Ibrahim found himself back in Tessalit, the village of his birth, for the first time in 26 years. And then, in June 1990, the rebellion began.
It lasted about six months. Afterwards, most of Tinariwen decided to leave the military life behind and go back to being musicians. Ibrahim and his friends had no doubt that they were musicians first and foremost. They had become soldiers only out of necessity, for a brief and painful period. In groups of two, three, four or more, they also began to play gigs openly. Touareg from all over the Sahara were delighted finally to encounter the group who had invented the modern Touareg guitar style, who had been the pied pipers of the rebellion and whose songs defined the story of a whole generation.

They are a stellar group with some amazing songs.  Listen to “Lulla”


Formelwesen, Avant-Garde and Frightful Animations

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If the Gorillaz were from Berlin and played avant-garde hard rock you would have Formelwesen.

They consider themselves to be an audiovisual, pop extravaganza and they are complete with guitars, drums a sax player and a bass clarinetists.  Nicolas de Leval Jezierski handles the animations that feature a stubby and creepy little man who makes an appearance as a big dancing tomato at the end of this video that showcases their technical musicianship as well as visually stimulating supplements.

WTF? The White Stripes Just Broke Up

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So no way of telling if this is legit or not but the Village Voice just posted a story about the great White Stripes breaking up. They posted a link to an article saying it was a break up letter but the link doesn’t work. I may possibly be flooded with too much traffic, possibly a hoax? Who knows.
But if true, we just lost one of the better bands of our Gen Y era.

Read the Village Voice piece here

Check out the band’s greatness below

Brit-rock Allstars Join In For A Carnival

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Mysterious band from foggy London, Erland and the Carnival does folk-rock in a state of dreamlike nostalgia, especially in “Trouble In Mind” from their self-titled January 2010 release and the video is just as dreamlike. The band features Simon Tong, previously from Blur and The Good, The Bad & The Queen, and drummer David Nock, previously from The Cult and The Fireman.

Ze Maria – Any Distance

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This song is “Any Distance” by ZeMaria from Brazil.  They’re a fun band I just stumbled upon today and the video is pretty neato.

Kings of Leon’s New Album Now Streaming

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So I wish I hated these guys, I really do.  I saw them last year at one of the strangest concerts I’ve been to due to their recent success with ‘Only By the Night’ and the 30,000+ fans who seemed to know exactly their two hit songs and that was it (see Sex is on Fire).  Also, after reading about this incident at a festival a few months ago, these guys just seem like straight up assholes.

But then I also have this appreciation for them. I was one out of 100 people who actually knew KOL before Only by the Night and know how grungy, garage rock driven they were back then. I am also seeing now how they “seem” to not be taking this whole being famous thing very well. Nonetheless, they are about to release (Oct. 15) their 5th studio album ‘Come Around Sundown’ and you can make your own assumptions…about their music at least.

Streaming here online now

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