Post SXSW – Video w/ Stats

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

So my good friend on Twitter @melissadowler was kind enough (and awesome enough) to make a cool little video showing some numbers and statistics from this year’s SXSW. I’m posting this because it’s not your typical cliche montage video of a bunch of random bands, but shows more of the creative side of SXSW, and there’s plenty of that down in Austin.

For those of you who have never been, here’s only a small, small glimpse.
Thanks a lot Melissa!

SXSW 2011: The Stats from The Long Haul Project on Vimeo.


Fat Freddy’s Drop Album

October 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

Was thinking about my upcoming concert options and I suddenly wished Fat Freddy’s Drop was on that list. Coming off their just released live album “Fat Freddy’s Drop Live at Roundhouse London” Fat Freddy’s Drop is one of the premiere bands coming out of New Zealand. Their music is a mix of reggae, dub, and funk, not to mention a top notch horn section. But their live shows are so captivating due to the recreation of of the studio dub effects in a live performance. Put that on top of some repeating beats and trancy lights…you get one hell of a show.  Not sure when they plan to come back to the U.S., but considering their last U.S. tour success and the still bumping “Dr Boondigga and the Big BW”, I doubt it’s long before they make a popular return. Check em out

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