Herman Dune – Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

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So this is old, but I stumbled across it on Funny or Die this morning and couldn’t resist sharing with you guys. The song is obviously a good one, but the strangeness of the video is itself worthy of a post. Herman Dune is a strange cat anyways (check out “I wish that I could see you soon” but then you throw in Mad Men’s Jon Hamm befriending a cute little yeti and all sorts of strange happens. I can’t decide if this is funny or heart warming.
You decide


New Songs From Beirut

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One of our favorite ‘indie meets world’ groups out there (and loved by the indie press) Beirut are currently wrapping on a new album…their first since 2007 ‘The Flying Club Cup’. These guys are a lot like A Hawk and A Hacksaw” but lead singer Zach Condon’s voice is too beautiful to overlook. They apparently are debuting some of these new tracks on a current tour. Check out the two new ones below and be glad Beirut is Back!

Danger Mouse’s New Venture

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Spaghetti Westerns, Mopeds and 80 Year Old Italian Musicians

After 2010’s Dark Side of the Soul this upcoming Danger Mouse project is not something most would expect from this genius producer.  Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse, has been working on a “score” for a spaghetti western film that doesn’t exist and he’s doing it in collaboration with composer and filmographer Daniele Luppi.  Also thrown in to the mix are the soothing stylings of Norah Jones and the raucous howls of Jack White.  According to an article from SPIN, Burton describes Rome as a “very visual album…about love.”  And to help him create these visions of love, Burton explained having to trade bottles of wine with an Italian Moped mechanic in exchange for antique instruments that would be played by some original Italian spaghetti western musicians…who are also antiques.  Burton said there were a few language barriers.

Rome will be released May 17.  Go to the official site to watch trailers and teasers, one of which you can view below RIGHT NOW.

New Radiohead! “Supercollider” and “The Butcher”

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Although Radiohead made it clear there wouldn’t be a follow up to their latest album King of Lambs, of course they surprised us fans by releasing two more tracks as part of Record Store Day, which were recorded during those sessions. The following songs titled “Supercollider” & “The Butcher” are a lot more on par with with most of what Radiohead fans are looking for.


“The Butcher”

Monday Warming: Little Tybee

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First off, apologies for the slow start this Monday.

Second on, check this band out! Little Tybee is somewhat of a small orchestra featuring around 14 instrumentalists on their latest album, Humorous To Bees (now available) in additions to guitarist/pianist/vocalist Brock Scott and 8-string guitar player Josh Martin. Their sound really cannot be tied down. There’s a mixture of atmospheric orchestral sounds with Motown and even some Caribbean-esque sounds. They released their latest album on Paper Garden Records where you can hear some new songs.  Check out a live performance of one of those songs, “Nero,” below.

Little Tybee – Nero (live @ The Goat Farm) from Brock Scott on Vimeo.

Monday Warming; Thiago Pethit

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Here’s an artist from Brazil who makes me wonder why we don’t post more music from there. Although I don’t speak Portuguese, you can tell this is a very intimate song and Thiago just has that soothing voice you enjoy listening to. Video isn’t too bad either, good for yet another rough Monday wouldn’t you say?

Stream his latest album Brazil, TX here.

Post SXSW – Debo Band

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*Note- Finishing my SXSW coverage today…so be prepared.

Mixing things up from the typical indie band, I was also catching a lot of “worldly” shows at SXSW. In the past few years, more and more international groups are making it to Austin and this is a wonderful thing. Sometimes hipsters need to discover something out of their comfort area. One of the best shows I saw last week came from Debo Band, a Boston based Ethiopian funk group who know how to get the crowd moving. From their opening note full of brass power on top of their lead singer who has more than enough swagger, these guys rocked. Check out the SXSW video of their show during the All Music is World Music showcase.

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